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L: height 155-162cm, weight 52-57kg, bust 75ABC/80ABC, waist26-28inch

XL: height 160-167cm, weight 53-63kg, bust 80ABC/85AB, waist 28-30inch

2XL: height 165-168cm, weight 63-73kg, bust 85ABC/90AB, 30-32inch

3XL: height 165-170cm, weight 73-83kg, bust 90ABC/95AB, 32-34inch

4XL: height 166-175cm, weight 83-93kg, bust 90ABC/95ABC waist 34-38inch

5XL: height 170-178cm, weight 93-103 kg, bust 95ABC waist 38-42inch

Without underwire 无钢托

with padding有胸垫

SPZB231 Zip Skort Rash Guard with Box pant attached

RM88.00 Regular Price
RM78.00Sale Price
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