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Women Size

M: height 152-160cm, weight 45-50kg, bust 70ABC-75AB, waist 26 inch and below

L: height 160-165cm, weight 50-55kg, bust 75ABC-80AB, waist 26-28inch

XL: height 165-170cm, weight 55-63kg, bust 75BC-80ABC, waist 28-32 inch

2XL: height 165-170cm , weight 63-73kg, bust 80ABC-85AB, waist 32-34inch

Girl Size:

M: height 100cm-105cm, weight 12-15kg

L: height 105cm-115cm, weight 15-23kg

XL: height 116cm-125cm, weight 23-27kg

2XL: height 126cm-140cm, weight 27-32kg

3XL: height 140cm-155cm, weight 32-43kg

SMD2306 Radient Color Mum& Daughter Rash Guard set

PriceFrom RM68.00
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