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Women Size

M: height 150-160cm, weight 40-51kg, waist below 26 inch

L: height 157-165cm, weight 51-57kg, waist 26-28inch

XL: height 160-170cm, weight 57-65kg , waist 28-31 inch

2XL: height 160-170cm , weight 65-75kg, waist 31-34 inch

3XL: height 160-170cm, weight 75-85kg, waist 34-38inch

Men Size

L: weight 50-65kg, waist 26-29inch

XL: weight 65-75kg, waist 29-33inch

2XL: weight 75-85kg, waist 33-38inch

3XL: weight 85-100kg, waist 38-41inch

4XL: weight 100-115kg, waist 41-44inch

Girl Size

M: height 100-110cm, weight 15-20kg

L: height 110-120cm, weight 20-25kg

XL: height 120-130cm, weight 25-30kg

2XL: height 130-140cm , weight 30-38kg

Boy Size

M: height 105-115cm, weight 17-23kg

L: height 115-125cm, weight 23-27kg

XL: height 125-135cm, weight 27-33kg

2XL: height 135-145cm , weight 33-40kg

SF2002 Blue Leaf Black Family Rash Guard

PriceFrom RM69.00
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