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🎨Digit Oil Painting🎨数字油画With this digit oil painting set, everyone can be a painter!😍数字油画套装让你瞬间变画家🎨Just fill in the color based on the digit provided. It's just a piece of cake 😁只需在数字范围填上对应的颜色,就可以完成啦!Mummy can do this together with your kids, can learn numbers, colors and good for hand eyes coordination.妈咪们可以与孩子完成,除了完成绘画,他们还可以复习数字颜色和锻炼手眼协调👍🏻This can use as kids room decoration 💗完成后就是孩子房间的装饰品啦It's only #RM15 😱😱😱Package included✔️ Printed canvas draw 印刷图案的帆布图✔️ Color paints 颜料✔️ Brush 刷子✔️ Wall nail 无痕墙钉✔️ Hook 挂钩Many designs for your choices. Drop us msg for more detail 📩🎨WhatsApp 0164469173🎨IG :dee_eternity_b🎨FB page: DEE B. TOYS SHOP

Number Oil Painting Animal Series 数字油画动物系列

RM15.00 Regular Price
RM9.90Sale Price
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