🧍‍♂️MIDEER body Magnet 🧍‍♀️
🧍‍♂️Mideer 人体磁力贴🧍‍♀️
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Box size : 27.5cm * 5cm * 39.5cm

Super big box, contains of :-

6 cards of recognition 6张认知卡
✔️ The body x2 身体*2
✔️ The organs 器官
✔️ The muscles 肌肉
✔️ The skeleton 骨骼

One magnetic board 磁力板

One teaching stick 教棍

Body structure Magnet 身体结构磁力片

Bilingual cards中英文卡

Let's your kids learn our body structure in fun and  easy way. 

MIDEER Body Magnet 身体认知磁力拼图

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